Discussion: Think before you own a pet

Recently, we have various types of animals that we can adopt as a pet. But do we really manage pet well?

Theme: Nature and Eco systemic destruction

Topic: It becomes a very serious problem that our careless actions disturb the nature and the ecosystem. What kind of action will adversely affect the ecosystem of our planet?

A: When I went to Oze before, I watched an interesting signboard. “Please enter after making sure that the dirt from your shoes have been totally removed.” This was attention grabbing and makes me think of the reason behind, thus, to prevent the seminal mixture from another ground. It is because our sole may have carried many seeds. It is possible that nature and ecosystem of Oze collapse when we enter it without dropping it. I understood that the ecosystem was maintained because we were able to follow a simple rule very well.

B: I think action without much consideration such as throwing pet away disturbs the ecosystem. There are some reasons why the ecosystem collapses, one of which is by throwing away a pet anywhere and may have infectious disease, predation could also possibly take place as well as genetic disturbance. Unfortunately, people don’t think that throwing away a pet adversely affects the environment. Because, it is evident that people keep on doing so and it is difficult to identify the owners and run after them. Truly, people easily throw away pet just like that.

C: When I went to Shizuoka before, I have dissected a lancet fish, which lives in deep sea. Inside the stomach, to my surprise, there was garbage that obviously people threw away in the sea. On the beach that I went to, garbage including cans and plastic bags were left. I was not able to see deeper into the sea, but in as far as the stomach of the fish is concern and the beach condition that I have seen, the pollution was so evident and terrible. It was the experience that made me realize the marine environment’s present condition and the result of human irresponsibility. Unlike on land, it is not easy to see everything in the sea and to clean it. If a fish eats garbage drifting in the sea, there are chances that it would die for it won’t be able to digest it. If such situation happens every time, it will affect the ecosystem of the sea.

What kind of thing should we do to solve these problems?

A: I feel that people lack some consideration for nature. For example, when I walk along the Tama River, I can see the garbage from barbecues that are left. It is the present situation and the fact that people cannot follow the simple rules such as clearing after having fun. People have to reconsider about what we should do.
It is our responsibility and a role to protect nature.

B: The most important thing is talk with family and think carefully before you adopt a pet. It is necessary for the person who has already kept a pet to continue taking responsibility for the pet. In addition, it is hard to find a pet that has gone missing, so we should take full responsibility of the pet that we adopt because it is so much necessary and important.

C: Throwing garbage away will lead ruin our nature. The garbage such as a plastic bottles, cans and the plastic bag falling into the roadside, a mountain, a forest, the sea, and various places. This kind of garbage might be things, which people brought from house or bought in store. Why do people have a thinking of “I will bring” but not have a thought of “I will bring back”. Though it is simple thing, we often think as “I hate to bring garbage” “It is troublesome.” or “Somebody will pick it up later anyway.” That kind of attitude pollutes nature and torments animals. I believe that observing the rule and manor, and being considerate for animals and pets will connect to keeping our life.


Discussion: Think before you buy goods

In our daily life, a lot of garbage problems exist. To solve these problems, what can we do and what should we do? We shall discuss about that.

Theme: Daily waste management / Disposal

Topic: If we continue taking out garbage, the places intended to contain wastes won’t be enough and will result to advance environmental pollution in the future. How should we deal with it?

A: I think we need to control illegal dumping more than before. Garbage are scattered in the place which there are no signs of life. I want all people to understand that it takes a huge amount of money to dispose garbage. Proper information shared thru the Internet, newspaper, and TV, would make people realize the fact that in reality, our self-centered actions produce much waste.

B: To reduce garbage, I think it is the most important to reuse. There is the trend to produce new things more and more now. Therefore, I think “reuse” is the best way to address the issue.

C: It is important not to throw away things/ food as often as we want to. We have to realize especially with food, that we still can possibly consume them instead of disposing right away.

What is the solution?

A: Each local government must carry out garbage management program/ project and consider measures. In the future it is important to study material such as biodegradable plastic and its use in general. I hope that we get to maximize the use of technology in Japan which may change garbage into actual resources.

B: If it is possible, it is best to “reuse” at country level. But, I’m considering the actions that we can do. At first we need to consider about how to use plastic bag and old cloths after we have used it. Plastic bags can be re-used. Garbage bags and old cloths can be used for floor cloth or other piece of cloth. It might be fun to create something from garbage. I think we should introduce a program that teaches about classifying garbage and how can we reduce garbage well. In addition, when we bring things such as household appliances to recycle shops, a part of the appliance will be reused and be exported. We should be interested on how to reuse.

C: We need proper awareness and develop it little by little. For example, we can make a shopping list before going to the shop and keep in mind to purchase only the necessary things. In addition, it might be good to plan to only bring a small amount of money. It is important to avoid shopping out of stress.

We, of course, produce garbage. It is waste of things to not use it effectively. Asking ourselves during shopping "Is this really necessary?" will lead to the decrease of garbage.