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If you give up keeping a pet

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If you give up keeping a pet

Do you know how dogs and cats that were abandoned or taken to a health care center by owners are killed?

They are euthanatized by using carbon dioxide fed from the gas feeder. However, they can’t die right away without suffering. Pets that are strong enough don’t die. Instead, they let them feel the fear and let them suffer for a certain period until they pass away. Moreover, some pets are burned to death.

Dogs and cats panic first before they start to realize their situation. But I am sure that they are wondering what the matter is or what they could do to have a happy life.

They have “hearts,” too.

Due to efforts of administration organs and volunteer groups, the number of scarification was decreased. Moreover, some people save pets in a health care center by being their new owners.

However, 16 million dogs and cats are killed with carbon dioxide in 2014.

When you consider having new pets, please think about abandoned pets. We have responsibilities to help abandoned pets that await for their death in a health care center.