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Original Story: I am a black bass

August 17, 2014 Survey at Lake Biwa

We have been discussing about the problems of alien species, and along with this, I was able to catch a black bass (which is the most famous foreign specie in Japan) as a hobby.

So what is black bass?

These days, in the Japanese fishing industries, black bass is becoming the remarkable fish. Black bass is a general term for the fishes that belong to Micropterus. Actually, the fish name black bass doesn’t exist. There are eight types of black basses, but in Japan only three of them are recognized as foreign species, which are the large mouthed basses, small mouthed basses and Florida basses.

People often said bass instead of saying black bass, and people who fish bass is called basser. Bass is originally from Northern America, but why does their existence becoming a problem in Japan?

In the first place, the problem begun in 1925. A man named Tetsuma Akahoshi released a large mouthed bass and small mouthed bass into the Lake-Ashino for the food purposes. At that time, government permitted to release the bass because they heard that bass is appropriate for the hatchery fish. But after a few decades, many artificial releases occurred in all Japan without the permission from the government and even now they are still increasing their amount. Basses are omnivorous and really tough, and they may extinct the native species that live on a place so in some regions, releasing basses is strictly prohibited.

Regarding the releasing, especially ‘foreign fishes correcting box’ represents the human’s egoism. Foreign fishes correcting box is the box placed around the Lake Biwa (which is the biggest lake in Japan). Inside of the box, we can see many foreign species like basses and blue gills, but I think it’s too cruel for them. While we’re fishing them, we are enjoying the fight, but after that, we just threw them into the box. I strongly thought that is unacceptable.

I want you to understand that this is not their fault. They just eat the fish to survive. Bringing the bad consequences is the fault of people. They become the victim even though they didn’t do anything bad. We must take full responsibility before it’s too late.