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September 6, 2014
Visiting the Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History 

We went to the Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History in Odawara City to look for the special exhibition about foreign species.

In this exhibition, we saw the foreign species which are becoming a problem in Japan. There were a lot of information about why they have been brought to Japan, where they live and what the problems are. We’ve learned about species both which are familiar to us and not. We saw the variety of specimens.

Real animals were exhibited as well. This is picture of American crayfish, this animal is becoming a problem in Japan. They are famous gross eating animals.
Actually, we observed that one of them is eating its own shell that was detached from its body while inside the tank. Also, there were red-eared sliders. We think observing the actual species have raised our curiosity.

Today, we learned that bringing the species that live in different places can cause the destruction of the ecosystem for the first time. Typical example are carps. They are spreading all over Japan. Therefore new genetic disturbance will most likely happen. Like the example above, those animals are also foreign species.

Access: Hakone Tozan Railway (through services from Odakyu Electric Railway line) 3 minute walk from the Iriuda Station