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September 14, 2014 Fish Post in Inada Park.

I visited Fish Post in Inada Park.

People who can’t continue to keep their fishes at home come here. They are allowed to release their fishes such as tropical fishes into this Fish Post without charge.

It is located within a couple of minute walk from the entrance of the park. I saw some people with their kids there.


The most impressive thing is that there were a lot of carps in the tank.

The person who wanted to solve the issues of alien fishes in the Tama River established this system with good intentions.

The manner of releasing fishes into rivers is out of the question. It is also a problem that people just think of bringing fishes here when they can’t keep their fishes anymore. They should think twice before they give up keeping their fishes. People should know that it costs a lot in order to build and maintain these facilities. Small fishes have their lives. I suggest that people think carefully whether or not they can take care of a fish before getting one.