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Original Story: I am a black bass

Original Story: I am Black bass

One day, a boy said "Good luck!" and he released me to the river. He rejoiced a lot, when he fished me.

I am Black bass.

My grandfather is an American…fish. I recall grandfather's words.

He used to say, "My home town is the Mississippi River. It was a really nice and huge place. I used to having parties with my friends." I told him, "Japan is better than United States. Water is clear and anglers praise us. We are the favorite! " But, my grandfather said, "Hmmmmmm, If you are in trouble, you may go to the Mississippi River."

I didn't want to recall grandfather's words.
Before the boy released me, I thought "I'm the favorite fish." Because, when anglers catch a Black bass, they always say "Wow! It's a Black bass!" "So huge!"
Probably I got carried away.  
Native Japanese Fishes once said ‘’Please live happily together. We have to do habitat isolation. We are native fishes!’’  But we didn't listen to their discussion.
Actually, we are stronger than any other fish. This world is ruled with the law of the jungle. It's but natural, isn't it? 
Native fishes disappeared and Black basses increased.

When the boy released me, I got confused and wondered. Why didn't the boy need me? Why didn’t he want me?  Moreover, people's behavior suddenly changed. I saw signboards on the river side. I could read "PROTECT NATIVE ANIMALS! GET RID OF ALIEN SPECIES!" Anglers fished Black bass more and more. No one thought us groovy. Some people said "I already got rid of 15 Black basses!"  Native fish saw quietly how things went from a distance.
I am a foreign specie. But I was born in Japan. My home town is not Mississippi River. I will make our species flourish in the future.

One day, I got trapped on a fishhook. I have to escape, so I dove into a deeper and deeper place. But, the fishhook stuck deeper.  "Help me!" I shouted complaints for the first time in my life. Suddenly, I recalled my grandfather's words. It is impossible to go to Mississippi River. It's the end of my life…. Abruptly some fishes tried to gnaw off the fish line. Lo and behold - It was native fish! They made bloodstained in their mouth.  Fortunately, the fishing line was snapped and waved a couple of times.  Then, it went up to the surface of the River. 
"Thank you." I was thankful to the native fishes. I uttered words of appreciation for the first time in my life. The native fishes said "Thank god." "We can live together." I still got my head down. One tiny native fish said to me. "Black basses aren’t bad.  It is people’s responsibility.

One evening, I called my Black bass comrade and said to him. "Mississippi River is huge and the best place. We will have party every night!"  We shall set out for the Mississippi River!

I am a Black bass. I head for the United States with my own will. 

The END.