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Cost for disposing of bulky waste

Issues: Domestic Wasite


Survey: Garbage Pisposal

This time we made four questionnaires regarding garbage for seven foreign teachers.

First, we asked about garbage segregation.

Six teachers understood well about it.

Next, we asked about their knowledge about garbage collection (date, day, place etc.).

Same as the first question, six teachers understood well about it.

Then, we asked about the garbage in their respective houses.

Again, six teachers understand well about it.

Finally, we asked about the effort for reducing the amount of garbage.

Again, six teachers exerted much effort to reducing the amount of garbage.

The answers given in response to the last question include ways such as using reusable shopping bags instead of having plastic bags from the grocery stores, putting the water filter instead of buying plastic bottles, buying appropriate amount of food to reduce food waste and using the opposite side of a used paper. But they are not enough.

From these results above, we can say that the differences between the people who care about garbage and people who don’t care about garbage are huge.