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Japanese people waste lots of food every day.

In 2010, 1700 million tons of food was thrown away in Japan.  5 million - 8 million tons were food waste.  It showed that food was thrown away although still good for consumption.  2 million - 4 million of food wastes are from home.  These food wastes include not only leftovers but also food that were not even consumed a bit.

By having a habit of not purchasing any extra food and finishing a meal every time, we can decrease food waste.

We tend to forget our appreciation that we can eat every day.  People who are suffers from food scarcity will feel very sad when they see this situation in Japan.

We are accustomed to wasting food, but we need to realize that food and nature are divine grace.  Moreover, we should spend every day with gratitude to the many blessings from nature and people who took responsibility in manufacturing the food we eat.