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Cost for disposing of bulky waste

Issues: Domestic Wasite


Issues: Illegal Dumping

We don’t have a chance of thinking about issue of waste.  It is said that each Japanese makes one kilogram of garbage each day on average in 2012.  This means that Japanese people produce 45,170,000 tons (approximately the amount of 122 Tokyo Domes) of waste per year.  It costs 1,800 billion yen for waste disposal.

Furthermore, we have to consider illegal dumping.  Some selfish people leave their garbage in a mountain or forest.  These are instances that our environment is being polluted because of illegal dumping.  78.8% garbage dumped illegally are construction wastes.  In 2012, the amount of construction waste is 44,000 tons, 187 cases.  This amount is one tenth in comparison to the figure 10 years ago.  However, we need a very long period and a large sum of money to solve this issue.  Even if we know the offender, we can’t collect a processing expense or a fine owing to the company’s bankruptcy.  That is the current situation.

We should think carefully about having strong responsibilities about waste management.  It is our duty and should be part of our morals.