Check List: Before you buy goods

Cost for disposing of bulky waste

Issues: Domestic Wasite


Like having a new pet, we purchase new goods with our own will.
Let’s think about the purpose of your shopping before purchasing new goods. You can avoid having goods that will possibly be garbage.

Please check your shopping habits with the following list.

Check List
  1. Do you have the same or similar goods at home?
  2. Are you thinking of purchasing it because it is on sale or very cheap?
  3. Do you feel ‘I have to buy anything because I came here all the way’?
  4. Do you want to buy it because it is in fashion?
  5. Are you going to buy it because of a strong recommendation from a store clerk, an acquaintance or your friend?
  6. Are you shopping to release your stress?
  7. Do you feel uncomfortable if you don’t have it?
  8. Are there any places or storage space for new goods at home?
  9. Do you often use it for a long period of time as one of your favorite items?
  10. Do you need or use it soon?

Why is it essential to know the right reasons before you purchase goods with the help of the above reasons of the checklist?

Key Points
  1. People tend to purchase similar goods. It causes waste.
  2. You should realize that you most likely don’t want it.
  3. You are trying to make an excuse to spend money.
  4. You will get bored of it or you will not use it soon.
  5. It may not be what you really want to have.
  6. You don’t always have to buy something.
  7. You should only purchase what you really need. You will not be bothered with just the right amount of stuff.
  8. New goods may clutter your house.
  9. Goods should be utilized but not be just stored.
  10. There is a possibility that you put it somewhere and forget it.

We will produce a lot of garbage if we buy goods that we don’t use or need.

Our selfish motives increase more garbage! We should realize that we waste a lot of time and cost (i.e. our tax) to discard our garbage.