Please try the following quiz by selecting an answer from 3 options.

Quiz: Think before you own a pet

1. Which one is not the foreign fish?

Black carp

Dolly Varden

Coregonus maraena

2. Which fish is one of the selected species of the 100 worst invasive foreign species?


Chinese soft-shelled turtle

Rhodeus ocellatus ocellatus

3. Foreign species is regulated by Invasive Alien Species Act. Which one is the act that we are not allowed to do?

Exterminate the alien species

Keep the alien species

Fish the alien species

4. If we act something that is forbidden by Invasive Alien Species Act, what kind of punishment will we get?

Imprisonment with community service for not more than three years or a fine of not more than three million yen

Imprisonment with community service for not more than ten years or a fine of not more than ten million yen

Imprisonment with community service for not more than a year or a fine of not more than a million yen

5. Which one is the duty that owner must do for pet each year?

Medication of Filarial disease

Anti rabies vaccination

Vaccination of the canine distemper prevention

6. There is the law that you must follow in keeping a pet in Japan. “A law about the protection and the management of the animal” What is an entry that is newly included with the revision in 2013?

Prepare for the antiserum

The duty that owner must continue keeping for the rest of pet’s life

Imbed microchips into dogs

7. What kind of legal action is carried out for an owner when they throw away the pet such as a dog and a cat?

Fine of not more than a million yen

Attention from the police

Fine of not more than a hundred thousand yen

8. The number of the culling of dogs and cats decreases every year. Then how much is the number of the culling of 2012?

Approximately 320,000

Approximately 160,000

Approximately 240,000

Quiz: Think before you buy goods

1. Which is an item that traders does not collect as bulky waste?




2. How much is the fine when I did illegal dumping?

Less than 5 hundred thousand yen

Less than 2 million yen

Less than 10 million yen

3. The amount of garbage produced a year in Japan is about 45,200,000 tons (2012). Then how much is the garbage to take out per day per person?

About 1kg

About 500g

About 3kg

4. Which is the recyclable waste that was the most recycled in 2013?

Steel can

Aluminum can

Empty bottle

5. 2 of 3 words that are the key words for us to decrease garbage are 'Reduce' and 'Recycle'. What is another one?




6. What is the name of the eco-friendly person who buys reused goods, goods that can be reused and sustainable goods and buys only necessary things?

Eco-friendly customer

Green consumer


7. In English, we represent the ecological things in color. Which color is it?




8. Recently, a Japanese word that can express concepts such as a feeling of respect and the love for nature and the 3R such as reducing, recycling and reuse is attracting attention all over the world. What is that in Japanese word?